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wire casing head MM.jpg


spiral woved, brushed and sewn 

Wire casing is one of the most important component of lingerie or swimwear. It make the bra pleasure or not. It scratches or it is soft and pleasure.  The right one wirecasing will prevent the bones from rupturing. Choice the best.

Find the best kind of H&E for your lingerie

Spiral 3D art. SS-SN8810 (11)

 This tunnel beautifully copies the shape of the bone. It is elegant, suitable for underwear, swimwear. For avoid and rupture by wire is added the nylon 66 ( nylon hot melthing filament) inside the wirecasing, it will make the channel not easy broken.

detail SN8811.jpg

Sew brushed art. MR-T10 (11)

This tunnel well follows the shape of a wire. It is suitable for underwear and hot couture. Wire casing is made from soft brushed polyseter fabric. Inside this wire casing is solid linning to prevent rupture.

detail MR T10.jpg
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