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polyester, tricot, microfibre, ...

H&E fastener is one of the most important component of bra. It make the bra pleasure or not. It scratches or it is soft and pleasure. For your bras you can choice standard quality (on head pictures), higher or an excelent quality... 

H&E with logo hooks_edited.jpg
Find the best kind of H&E for your lingerie

Soft brushed tricot (T/SB)

Soft, elegant and confortable. Made from special softer fabric, the edges are ultrasonic cutted with new accurate technology. BAck side with invisible sewing. Good quality/price ratio

H+E tricot B.jpg


Standard H&E are made from polyester fabric, back side is brushed. the edges are ultrasonic cutted.  

H+E standard B.jpg

Brushed edges

The fabric is the same as for standard but the edges are softened by brushing and the last protective brushed part is longer. 

H+E brushed B.jpg

Foam linning

A foam layer is inserted inside the fastening, the edges are covered with micro. This makes the fastening very soft and comfortable. It is the highest quality for luxury lingerie collections.

H+E foam B.jpg

Endless tape

Endless tape are produced by using materials and technology as for standard H&E or as for Tricot soft brushed H&E. Choice what is the best for your collection.

H+E endless B.jpg


A special additional part of lingerie do the original H&E longer. 

H+E extender B.jpg
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