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composition 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester

embroidery nylon with gloss

On cataogue below is more than 60 designs and widht of embroidered tapes in widht 2-14cm  For completation of a designs you can find different widhts and some of them have the same designs in Allowers also. These materials are used for production of lingerie and childerns and infant textiles (newborn wrap...)

tapes widht 2 - 4 cm

des. T103013

des. T135950

des. T107016

des. T220749

des. T230257

des. T145309

des. T145320-31483

des. T201131-31480

des. T220750

des. T349063


tapes widht 5 - 6 cm

des. T130221

des. T201585

des. T206878

des. T235945

des. T396422

des. T145309

des. T203013

des. T211611

des. T246025

des. T409021

tapes widht 8 - 9 cm


des. T207470

des. T246389

des. T302777

des. T307014

des. T307018

des. T317520

des. T318010

des. T320219

des. T324683

des. T330247

des. T345308

des. T246024

des. T246383

des. T304582

des. T305938

des. T307071

des. T307473

des. T317937

des. T320736

des. T335935

des. T330258

des. T345310

tapes widht 10 cm


des. T317519-10

des. T320219-10

des. T430236

des. T317936

des. T330947-10

des. T317519-10


tapes widht 14 cm


des. T317519-10

des. T4130551

des. T4135295

des. T4130509