Foam cups - standard               

Our foam cups are produced of high quality  foam. For standard covering we use polyester knitted fabric with UV protection which keeps whiteness of the cups for a long time.

Minimum: 100prs/size, 700prs/art/colour

Delivery date: 4-5 weeks

Spacer cups

In the course of several last years spacer fabrics have became common material for lingerie,  swim- and sportswear. Spacer cups are very ligt weight, soft, breathalbe. The white color never turns yellow. Spacers represent the top quality in terms of comfort and hygiene.

Minimum: 100prs/size, 2000prs/art/colour

Dellivery date: 6-8 weeks

Spacer with fibre fill push up     This is a new technology in production of push-up bra cups. These cups are very light weight, soft, breathable and white changeless. The cups made by this technology are about 50% lighter than standard foam cups of the same shape,

Minimum,: 100prs/size, 2000prs/art/colour

Dellivery date: 6-8 weeks